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Exhausts in Heanor

The exhaust system is designed to release any harmful gases out of the car and into the atmosphere. It also plays an important role in reducing noise generated by the engine.

Parts of the exhaust system

The first pipe takes gases from the engine, along a pipe to the exhaust manifold and then on to the catalytic converter. Most modern vehicles have a catalytic converter, which helps reduce the level of harmful gases received from the engine before expelling them into the atmosphere.


The catalytic converter then meets another pipe at the mid-section, this takes the gases from the converter to the exhaust box which helps to deaden the sound of the moving gases.


The final pipe, or tail pipe, releases the gases into the atmosphere. The noise generated from the engine can be extremely loud, which can be hard on the ears and antisocial in residential areas.

Not only can excessive noise be undesirable but the gases produce by a car are extremely poisonous. Due to the harmful nature of these gases they can lead to internal damage of the engine. As these gases are not being released properly, it would have a detrimental effect to the surrounding areas in contact with them. If these gases were to get inside the vehicle cabin area they could be potentially lethal to both the driver and passengers.

Exhaust on a car - Exhausts Heanor

If you are experiencing any issues with your exhaust system please feel free to get in contact with us in Heanor on 01773 714919 or send us an email.

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