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The process of checking and adjusting the angles of the wheels relative to each other and to the car body is known as the wheel alignment.

To perform the wheel alignment the vehicle is place on an alignment rack. Special sensors are mounted to each of the wheels. We then use a computer controlled device to precisely measure the angles of your wheels. Using the data determined by this device our technicians are then able to make the necessary adjustments to each wheel, check their tyre pressure as well as the ride height, suspension and steering components.

After the alignment is done we can provide you with a printout showing the wheel angles before and after alignment. We recommend a 4 wheel alignment as the best option, although we also offer 2 wheel alignments for the front or rear axles.

Why the wheel alignment is important

Over time your everyday driving can begin to impact the alignment of your wheels. Potholes in the road, hitting the curb or a minor collision are all things that can affect the position of your wheels. Misaligned wheels can wear your tyres, suspension and steering components much quicker.

Symptoms of improper wheel alignment

  • The steering wheel is off centre when driving straight
  • The vehicle pulls to one side when driving on a straight, level road
  • The vehicle doesn’t hold the road well, feels unstable, wanders from side to side
  • Tyres screeching when turning
  • Tyres wear unevenly

How often should the wheel alignment be done?

For most cars there are no specific requirements. Your mechanic will typically recommend doing the wheel alignment every two-three years. Often, the wheel alignment is recommended when new tyres are installed. The alignment should be done more often if your car has wider tyres of if it’s a sporty car such as an Audi, BWM, Mazda 3, NIssan 370Z etc. From our experience, if you recheck the wheel alignment after a year or two of driving it is usually slightly off. If you hit a large bump, the alignment will most likely be off.

Mechanic checking a vehicles wheels - Wheel Alignment Heanor

To talk about wheel alignment or our services we offer contact Best Tread Tyres Ltd in Heanor on 01773 714919 or send us an email.

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