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Ording tyres in Heanor have never been easier, simply enter your vehicle registration number, select the tyres you require, select a date and time that suits you, enter a few details and submit your booking.

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Keeping tyres correctly inflated ensures an even wear rate leading to longer tyre life.

Under-inflated tyres places excess loads on the outer edges of the tyre to wear more rapidly.

Over-inflated tyres will experience higher wear rates in the centre of the tread.

Fuel costs can also be minimised by ensuring tyres are correctly inflated. When tyres run under-inflated their rolling resistance, or the force needed to make them turn increases. This means that the engine has to work harder and more fuel is used, making the vehicle less economical. Pressures should be checked and adjusted when the tyres are cold before every journey. Never reduce pressure when the tyres are warm as they could then be too low when they cool down. After checking the pressure, ensure the valve is not leaking and a valve cap is fitted to each tyre.

The correct inflation pressures for your car tyres can be found in the vehicle handbook, inside the fuel filler cap or on a plate located on the driver’s door sill. In the absence of special towing recommendations, the rear tyres of cars should be set at the ‘fully laden’ pressure. Where full load pressure does not differ from that for normal driving, the rear tyre pressures should be increased by 4 to 7 psi (0.3 to 0.5bar).

If you are unsure how to check your tyres for wear and damage or even as simple as tyre pressures need setting please feel free to come along to Best tread Tyres in Heanor and a trained member of staff will help you.

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For any questions about your tyres or more information on our tyre services give us a call on 01773 714919 or send us an email.

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